Walmart’s Compound Bows. Good or Bad.

Walmart Compound Bows.

So you’re probably wondering if Walmart’s compound bow selection is any good. In short, yes they have some good options available, especially in the lower to medium end of the quality spectrum.


Now I know walmarts name is not synonymous with quality but they definitely have bows that will get the job done without breaking the bank. Of course, I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t purchase a higher-end bow should you have need of it.


I merely suggest that for the average hunter in the midwest or even a hunter in the eastern side of the country who walks maybe a few hundred yards to the stand and rarely shoots over forty yards, I think walmart has some perfectly suitable options for you.


Below I listed some common bows you can find at your local Walmart and the pros and cons of each one. 

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 RTH Compound Bow

  1. Versatility: Its wide range of adjustability in both draw weight and draw length makes it suitable for various body sizes and skill levels. This versatility allows multiple users to share the same bow.

  2. Ready-to-Hunt Package: Often sold as a complete package, it includes essential accessories like a sight, arrow rest, quiver, and more, which saves time and effort for beginners by providing everything needed to start shooting right away.

  3. Smooth Performance: Known for its smooth draw cycle and forgiving nature, it offers a comfortable shooting experience. This can be beneficial for beginners learning proper shooting techniques and for experienced archers seeking consistency.

  4. Durable Construction: Bear Archery is known for producing durable bows, and the Cruzer G2 is no exception. It’s generally well-constructed and built to withstand regular use.

  5. Growth Potential: Its adjustability allows for growth, making it suitable for young archers who are still growing or for adults who want a versatile bow that can adapt to their changing preferences.

  1. Tuning Complexity: Some users might find the initial tuning process slightly complicated due to its wide range of adjustments. This could require more effort and time to set up correctly, especially for beginners.

  2. Some Accessory Quality: While it comes with a full package, some users have mentioned that a few accessories in the package might be of average quality. Upgrading these accessories might be necessary for more experienced archers seeking higher performance.

  3. String Quality: Occasionally, there have been reports of the bow’s factory strings needing replacement earlier than expected. This might require additional investment in higher-quality strings.


SAS Outrage Compound Bow


Affordability: It’s often praised for being budget-friendly, making it an attractive option for beginners or those on a tight budget.

  1. Adjustability: Offers a reasonable range of adjustability in both draw weight and draw length, accommodating a variety of body sizes and skill levels.

  2. Ready-to-Shoot Package: Typically comes as a complete package with essential accessories like a sight, arrow rest, stabilizer, and quiver, making it convenient for beginners to start shooting immediately.

  3. Decent Construction: While not as established as some larger brands, SAS generally provides solid construction in their bows, offering durability and reliability.

  4. Suitable for Learning: Its smooth shooting experience and adjustability make it a good choice for those learning the basics of archery or for intermediate-level archers looking to refine their skills.

  1. Limited Adjustability: While it does offer adjustability, the range might not be as wide as some other models, which could limit its suitability for certain body types or users who require more specific settings.

  2. Accessory Quality: Some users have reported that while the package includes accessories, the quality might be average. Upgrading these accessories for better performance may be necessary for more serious archers.

  3. Less Brand Recognition: SAS might not have the same brand recognition as more established archery manufacturers, which could affect trust or confidence in the product for some buyers.

  4. Potential for String Issues: Similar to some budget bows, there have been occasional reports of the factory strings not holding up as well over time, potentially requiring replacement sooner than expected

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Compound Bow:

  1. Versatile Adaptability: Celebrated for its exceptional range in both draw weight (5-70 pounds) and draw length (13-31 inches), this bow offers unparalleled adjustability. Its versatility caters to diverse body sizes, ages, and skill levels, accommodating multiple users effectively.

  2. Accessible for Novices and Intermediates: Its user-friendly adjustability and comfortable shooting experience make it a popular choice among beginners and those in the intermediate skill bracket. This bow serves as an excellent platform for learning and skill refinement.

  3. Comprehensive Package: Often packaged with essential accessories such as a sight, arrow rest, quiver, and stabilizer, it provides a comprehensive setup for beginners, saving time and resources in sourcing additional gear.

  4. Solid Build Quality: Renowned for its robust construction, Diamond Archery ensures the Infinite Edge Pro is durable and dependable, designed to endure consistent use over time.

  5. Value Proposition: Considering its expansive range of customization and the inclusive accessories, it stands out as a compelling value proposition, particularly for those seeking adaptability and functionality without an exorbitant price tag.

  1. Setup Complexity: The extensive adjustability, while a boon, may present a challenge during setup and tuning, especially for those new to archery. Achieving optimal settings might require more time and effort.

  2. Accessory Quality Concerns: Some users have noted that while the package includes necessary accessories, the quality might not meet expectations. Upgrading these components could be necessary for improved performance.

  3. String Longevity: Like many compound bows, reports suggest the factory strings might wear out earlier than anticipated, necessitating an additional investment in higher-quality strings for longevity.

  4. Vibration and Noise Issues: A few users have observed noticeable vibration and noise upon release, potentially affecting shooting comfort or stealth in hunting scenarios.

PSE Archery Stinger MAX Compound Bow

  1. Adaptability Masterpiece: The Stinger MAX is a true chameleon in the archery world, offering an impressive range in draw length (21.5-30 inches) and draw weight (55-70 pounds). It’s like having a custom-fit bow for every archer, regardless of size or skill level.

  2. Silky Smooth Shooting: Experience the buttery-smooth draw cycle and forgiving nature of this bow. It’s not just a bow; it’s a confidence booster, helping beginners find their aim and offering consistent, reliable performance for seasoned archers.

  3. All-in-One Champion: Say hello to convenience! The Stinger MAX doesn’t just come as a bow; it arrives as a complete shooting package with bells and whistles – a sight, arrow rest, quiver, stabilizer, and more. It’s like unwrapping joy for those eager to hit the range right away.

  4. Rock-Solid Build: Crafted by the legends at PSE Archery, this bow is built tough. It’s not just reliable; it’s the kind of bow that’s ready to stand up to your archery adventures, season after season.

  5. Bang for Your Buck: Get ready for the wow factor without breaking the bank. With its adjustable features and bundled accessories, it’s the value-packed treasure chest for archers seeking performance without the eye-watering price tag.

  1. Tuning Puzzle: Unlocking the full potential of this bow might take a bit of time and patience, especially for newcomers. But once you nail it, the results are pure gold.

  2. Minor Decibel Drama: Some users have whispered about occasional noise upon release. While it’s not a showstopper, it’s worth considering, especially for those stealth-seeking hunters.

  3. Accessory Adventure: While it’s an all-inclusive package, a few users have wished for a little more oomph in the included accessories. But hey, there’s always room for a personal touch and upgrades!

  4. String Story: Now and then, reports flutter in about factory strings waving goodbye a tad sooner than expected. Just a heads-up for those eyeing long-term relationships with their strings.

So In Conclusion, these bows that are usually found at Walmart are pretty versatile options.


The Bear Archery Cruzer G2 RTH stands tall with its remarkable adjustability and dependable performance. It offers a smooth shooting experience that suits both newcomers and seasoned archers, packaged conveniently for instant action.


The SAS Outrage is an affordable gem, boasting decent adjustability and making archery accessible for those stepping into the sport or seeking an economical yet reliable bow.


Diamond Archery’s Infinite Edge Pro shines with its versatility and all-inclusive package. It’s a treasure trove of adjustable features and accessories, offering fantastic value for archers across different skill levels.


Meanwhile, the PSE Archery Stinger MAX radiates versatility and reliability. Its smooth shooting experience and comprehensive package make it a trusted companion for any archer’s journey.


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Bear Archery Cruzer G2 RTH:

 Can the Bear Archery Cruzer G2 RTH be used by beginners? 

Yes, absolutely! Its wide range of adjustability and forgiving nature make it an excellent choice for beginners learning the ropes of archery.


 Is the Bear Cruzer G2 RTH suitable for hunting? 

Definitely! Its versatility and adaptable settings make it a viable option for hunting, offering the necessary power and accuracy. 


SAS Outrage:

 How does the SAS Outrage handle for different body sizes?  The SAS Outrage’s reasonable adjustability in draw weight and length makes it suitable for various body sizes, providing a comfortable fit for most users.


 Is the SAS Outrage a good choice for youth archers? 

Yes, it’s often recommended for youth due to its affordability and adjustability, allowing them to grow with the bow.


Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro:

 Can the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro accommodate different skill levels? 

Absolutely! Its extensive adjustability and smooth shooting make it suitable for both beginners and experienced archers seeking versatility.


 Is the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro suitable for target shooting and hunting? 

Yes, it’s versatile enough to excel in both target shooting and hunting, offering the necessary adaptability and performance.


PSE Archery Stinger MAX:

 How does the PSE Stinger MAX perform in terms of accuracy? 

It’s known for its accuracy, offering a smooth shooting experience that aids in achieving consistent and precise shots.


 Can the PSE Stinger MAX be used by multiple users with different preferences?

  Absolutely! Its wide range of adjustability allows multiple users to share the bow, adjusting it to their preferences easily.


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